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Application to the UNESCO World Heritage

Baden-Baden on the way to the cultural heritage

Since summer 2014, Baden-Baden has been on the tentative list of UNESCO under the title "Great Spas of Europe" together with ten other European spa towns. The nomination application for recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage is to be submitted by 2018.

The city of Baden-Baden can look back on a 2000-year history as a spa town. Its heyday as the "summer capital of Europe" lies in the 19th century. During this time, it developed into a communication center for an international clientele: nobles and citizens, industrialists and artists, the health and the sick of the upper classes visited the city on the Oos for several weeks and months and shaped the social life with their claims and interests. The relics of this time still dominate the cityscape: the Kurhaus, the bandstand, the elegant hotels, the public thermal baths, the villa district, the International Horse Racing in Iffezheim ... Everywhere in Baden-Baden you will encounter history and get an authentic look Idea of ​​life in a spa town of the 19th century.
Several groups in Baden-Baden, including the Lichtentaler Allee Circle of Friends and the Karlsruhe Chamber of Commerce and Industry, have been campaigning for the preservation and maintenance of the city's cultural heritage for several years. The idea of ​​proposing Baden-Baden for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List came from the conviction that this cultural heritage has not only local but also international significance. The city of Baden-Baden supports the efforts to the best of its ability.
In the past four years there have been numerous events in Baden-Baden on the subject of "World Cultural Heritage Baden-Baden ?!". It became clear that there are other cities that have a comparable extraordinary heritage. The close networking of these places in the 19th century means that an application is only promising in conjunction with other internationally oriented spa towns in Europe.
In order to deepen the topic, the City of Baden-Baden, together with the State Office for the Preservation of Monuments Baden-Württemberg and the German National Committee of ICOMOS, held a symposium in November 2010 entitled: "European Cities and Fashion Baths of the 19th Century." Experts have written about it advise on where the extraordinary, universal significance of the spa towns is in the sense of UNESCO, and how a cross-border UNESCO World Heritage application can be accomplished (www.baden-baden.de/stadtportrait/stadt/kulturerbe).